Commonwealth Games 2018


Host broadcaster NEP’s Games Time ENG Colour team augmented an already-impressive archive of athlete profiles, vignettes and beauty shots which featured on a dedicated YouTube Channel (for viewers outside Australia) and was available to rights-holding broadcasters.

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CG2018 Nigeria’s powerhouse

The determination of a single man has lifted Nigeria’s para powerlifters to world domination.

Prince Are Fewistan is a former athlete, father figure and tireless advocate for disability sports in one of Africa’s poorest nations.

Producer: Kate Condon
Camera: Anthony ‘AJ’ George
Editor: Huw Frank

powerlifters team

Watch Here

Dur 4:35

CG2018 Timelapses

Timelapse specialist Brett Montgomery disappeared most evenings to pull an all-night and early-morning shoot in and around Games venues and Gold Coast precincts.

Unsurprisingly, broadcasters shared each and every one of Brett’s packages with a potential worldwide audience of more than a billion viewers.

 Brett timelapse

1. Broadbeach precinct

Camera icon2 WATCH HERE

Dur: 0.52

2. Skyline

Camera icon2 WATCH HERE

Dur: 0.52

3. Beach

Camera icon2


Dur: 0.58


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